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Kathy Bartole (Shaw)
happily retired, p/t grandma Married 2
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Ruth Rogers (Silverman)
August 18, 1941 retired Married
Looking forward to reunion. Can't wait to see all the changes.
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Larry Stewart
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May 14, 1941 Retired Married 3

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  After graduation - SJS and then a sales career at Hewlett Packard.  After retiring in '99, built a home in Northstar, CA where we lived for 8 years.
Moved to Carmel 2 yrs ago to escape the snow.   I'm involved in Rotary and the Red Cross.  Cathy, my wife of 25 years, and I travel extensively and enjoy spending time with our 6 grand children.
The "NOW" photo is in Tanzania.

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Glen Stimpson
June 13, 1941 retired Married 1
To my classmates of Sequoia ('59):  it's been an interesting ride since we parted in June of 1959.  From June to late December of 1960 I was a cabinet maker apprentice, a carpenter apprentice, and a laborer on an underground pepe laying crew.  (I didn't know what to do when I grew up!)  In December of 1960, I joined the USAF and spent four years, primarily at Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert of California.  It was an exciting time in aviation and in space research.  I was in the middle of it!  In Dec. of 1964 I came home to be a mountain man working for PG&E in the mountains and hills around Clear Lake.  I ran a chain saw and burned brush and tended bar at night.  Then my mother was diagnosed with a hernia so I quit the mountains and returned home to Redwood City to be with her (no more mountain!).  I worked at the pipe laying job again until 1966 and then did a stint with Lockheed as an engineer without a degree.  Three years with Lockheed until I got caught in a layoff.  During that time I met my bride (Blanche) and got married in 1967.  Now my ride really began!
     We've been married a little over forty years and I keep telling her how lucky she is.  We have one son, Robert who is 34 years old now.  Rob works a graveyard shift, lives at home and likes it that way, plus we enjoy having him.  When Rob was young he joined the 4H program, so our whole family got into the 4H program.  I was the Dog Care and Training leader for Homesteaders 4H in Santa Clara for twenty two years and loved almost every minute of it.  In the twenty two years kids under my direction won the State Fair dog show fourteen times, they include five veterinarians, a lawyer, a librarian, a computer engineer, nurses, a hopeful play writer, and teachers, these are the kids who have kept in touch with us (our extended family) and am I ever proud of them!
     I retired from pipe laying as a foreman in 2001 and from the 4H Dog Care and Training in 2004.  At present we are doing some traveling and I am working with my music collection.  Blanche bought me an I-pod (what a mistake!).  I have been collecting music ever since, mostly country, but have branched out to cover a lot of areas.  You'll hear some of the late 1950s songs at the reunion, I hope.  Currently there are over 11,200 songs in my collection and it is still growing.
     I really hope to see and converse with each and every one of you at the reunion.
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Cathy Peters (Stojanovich)
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October 20, 1941 Happily enjoying life! Married 2
My husband, Al, is also a Sequoia graduate (class of 56') and we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year.  We have two children (a son and daughter) who are both married and they have given us five fabulous grandchildren.  We are fortunate they live in our area  so we've been able to be part of their lives. Send Cathy a MessageSend Cathy a Message
Bob Sutten
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April 10, 1941 Welder, Plumber, Machinist, Fabricator Widowed 3
    After 5 years in Navy stayed in LA area(Redondo Beach). Worked for 15 years at Steelcase then moved to RWC (1989) to care for mom and dad and worked at Morton Salt. (that's right, out there at the salt mountain near the bay). Retired in 98 and moved to Oceanside, Ca. after parents passed away.
   Married to San Mateo girl for 13 years and gained custody of 3 kids after divorce. Had a ball. Kids are a teacher in Austin, Texas and a  school counselor in Temecula, Ca.. Oldest daughter works for Local newspaper in Grass Valley. Of course I'm very proud of my kids. Have 10 grandkids and one great grandaughter.
      Second wife died 5 years ago.
Now I have 2 boys to take care of. An 80 pound Yellow Lab and a 9 pound Rat Terrier.
   I'm the last house before the hills. So we go for walks three times a day. Good for them and really good for me. Winter time we go to the beach. Lab is a born body surfer.
       Have been traveling all these years. All over California and Asia. Still need to see New Zealand.
        Haven't keep in touch with many people from 59. Just 2 or 3 every 5 or 10 years. Lost my year book in 1960 so never had a way to know who was who when I heard something. O-Well. I'll see ya all at the reunion. Maybe then I'll reconize someone.
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Richard Symanski
UofC, Irvine Married
I'd love to come to the reunion, but I'm not sure it will be possible.  I'm one of those people who has no interest in retirement and am still teaching at the University of California at Irvine, evolutionary and conservation biology during the normal school year and writing for engineers and computer science majors in the summer.  And when I have three months off in April, May and June, I'm usually somewhere in Southeast Asia or India, traveling light and looking for material for essays and short stories.  I travel anywhere I can get to in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, the Philippines.   For many years I traveled all through Latin America, and especially the northern Andes where I did my Ph.D. (in Colombia on peasant markets). Have spent a good bit of time in Brazil, and in Cuba, until I had small problems with the repressive government.  In all marvelous times and adventures, but at some cost through the years--amoebic dysentery, dengue fever, and more recently TB.  So, travel and all that comes with it in exotic places--what I enjoy most and continue doing for as long as possible. Have been married for more than 30 years to the same woman, an evolutionary biologist and professor, and I have a son who is eighteen and a freshman at the University of California at Santa Barbara.
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Thomas (Tom) Turnrose
April 15, 1941 Retired Married 2
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James Webber
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November 30, 1940 Retired Married 5
Joined the Army soon after High School. 
Was stationed in New Jersey.  Had a Honerable Discharge 3 years later.  Married while in N.J...had our first daughter and decided not to re enlist.
Returned to Redwood City, lived there and Mountain View...two more children born at Stanford Clinic in Palo Alto. 

I worked as a mechanic.  Moved to Longmont, Colorado where I was born. Worked for OK Tire. Then was a Fireman in Longmont.  Two more children born in Longmont...

Moved to Texas for one year, then back to CanonCity Colorado....Was in Apartment Management and a Mainintance Man.
Lived there 15 years..........moved to Colorado Springs when daughter went to College.........Got a Mainintance job here. Then retired.  Now I work around the house and do a lot of yard work. I had a heart attack last year and two sergeries so now I take it easy.
Charleen Willis (White)
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 27, 1941 Consultant Married 3
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  I still live in Redwood City and have spent most of my life working for Sequoia Union High  School District.  At present, I'm a project manager and interior designer for SUHSD and work on all the new construction and modernization.   I live with my wonderful husband, J. Arthur White and we've been blessed to have been able to travel to all the continents many times.  We have three terrific children and six beautiful grand-children that we enjoy spending time with. Send Charleen a MessageSend Charleen a Message
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