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Sue Berson (Rapley)
March 07, 1941 Retired Married 3
 i Married in Sept. 1959 to Bill class of '53.  We have 3 daughters & 3 grandchildren.  Lived in Palo Alto 10 years then to Woodside for 28 years, where we worked, enjoyed life, raised the girls, and many creatures large and small.  Retired in 1997 from San Mateo County, Bill from City of Palo Alto. We moved to our ranch outside of Yoncalla Oregon.  We love it here.  Still in touch with my three best girlfriends from Sequoia. Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
Gillian "Kay" Bullock (Rhoads)
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September 01, 1941 Self-Employed Married 2
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Cathy Turner (Rhodes)
September 23, 1941 self employed Widowed 2
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Larry Rice
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March 28, 1941 Semi-Retired Self Employed Steel Fabricator Married 4
I have lived in Redwood City for many years.
I started my steel fabrication business in 1962 in Redwood City.  Retired from that in 2003.  Still do a little on the side. 

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Janice Ipsen (Sausedo)
June 03, 1941 Retired My computer is down right now. Divorced 2
Moved to Santa Rosa in 1978 so that husband could open his own sheet metal shop.  I took care of the books and the clerical work.  Never work with your husband (or wife)!

Have two great boys, one in Santa Rosa and one in Corte Madera.  No grandchildren as yet.

Ended radiation for oral cancer two weeks ago.  Am feeling good and have a very positive attitude.  Work two volunteer jobs - one at a thrift store, and one at an AA (yes, you read this correctly) bookstore.

Have a nice peaceful life and intend to keep it that way,

Hope to see all of you at the reunion.
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Diane Emick (Savoia)
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December 06, 1941 Married 2
Pete and I have been back in Ca. for eight years, and are enjoying retirement.  I loved being a preschool teacher for fifteen years and have two wonderful grandchildren.    Send Diane a MessageSend Diane a Message
Pete Savoia
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September 22, 1941 Retired Married 2
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Jolynne woodard (Saylor)
February 22, 1942 psychotherapist Single Again 2
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Stephen Schay
My name is Steve Schay.  I only lived in RC for one year, my senior year at Sequoia.  My best friend there was John Buck, class of '60.  I am presently in the process of re-establishing contact with him after all these years.  I understand he went on to be a professor, so I would say he is and has been quite successful.  He was always so scholarly.  I wish I could say my life went as well as his probably did, but, to make a long story short, it has and still is, even at my present age of 67, quite a struggle.  My journey was a tough one.
Nevertheless, in spite of many hardships, I am at heart a very happy person.  I find much meaning and adventure in life, even the tough things have meaning.  I am presently living in Titusville, Florida, right next to the Kennedy Space Center.  Some of you have surely even visited here, as it is a bit of a tourist destination, especially with Orlando only 35 miles to the east.  My wife, Linda, died five years ago.  I have one daughter, Amanda and an informally adopted son, Brandon Nemeth.  Amanda is 29 and Brandon is 32.  Brandon's great uncle, who changed the spelling of the family name, is none other than Joe Namath.  Someday I may have a chance to meet Joe, but at present, Brandon is serving a 25 year sentence in the Florida Prison System for a crime he did not commit.  He was falsely accused and convicted and one of my projects in life is to do everything in my power legally to get the conviction overturned.
Does anyone remember Berndt Enders, from a German immigrant family, and his sister, Uta, at least I think I remember her name right.  I can't remember if Berndt was in the class of '59 or not.  I also remember a Swedish exchange student who's last name was Simonson, but I can no long remember his first name.  Now I wonder what happened to these people.  Of course, there were others I was also acquainted with, but to be honest, I never had a wide circle in those days because of many mental difficulties I had then.  Perhaps someone remembers me as being just a little weird, and that is alright with me.  It is the truth, and I am not proud or embarrassed about it.  I remember the beauty of the coast range, and the foothills in front of the coast range which get brown in the dry season and which my family, being from the east with all such things as that new to us, called the "teddy bear hills."  Then there was Half Moon Bay over on the ocean.  In our day it was pretty small, probably big place today.  In '59 there were agricultural fields there where artichokes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and such crops as that grew.  As my contribution to class memorabilia, I can think of nothing to provide except a recipe from a little seafood restaurant we used to go to in Half Moon Bay.  I have saved it for 50 years and still love the stuff, make it and eat it.  We were so impressed with it that the waitress gave us the recipe.  Does anyone remember the name of that little sea-side restaurant.  Here is the recipe, and In will close now with a happy Adios, amigos.  This recipe is called either Shrimp or Crab Louis.  The recipe is for the dressing which simply is poured over a bed of greens with boiled shrimp or sweet crab meat on top.  We have plenty of shrimp and crab in Florida, too. These quantities given will do about 3 salads.  One simply mixes all the stuff up in a bowl, so I wi ll simply list the ingredients in a straightline sentence.  1/2 teaspoon horseradish sauce, 1/8 teaspoon black pepper, one teaspoon onion juice, 1/2 cup mayonaise, one teaspone Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons french salad dressing (like the kind you buy in a salad dressing bottle), 1/8 teaspoon salt, two tablespoons chili sauce (like the kind that is red in a bottle in the store marked simply, chili sauce, usually Del Monte brand).  Oh, and also let me remind everyone of "bloody bayshore" the dangerous road to San Francisco in our day.  They must certainly have made that much safer by now.  Well, again, so long my old friends, acquaintances and schoolmates and I hope the sun has shined on you all to a satisfactory degree over the past 50 years.  ADIOS  Steve Schay  

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Jerry Schutz
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February 07, 1942 tour guide/tour specialist/tour director Divorced 1
Hope all is well with all of you health-wise, economic-wise, and keeping active in our senior years.  Have visited 122 foreign countries on all 7 continents, in a life that has been full of travel, exploration, and adventure. That will continue until money, health, or a combination of the two stop me.  See you in October at either the golf tourney or the reunion dinner gala.  Send Jerry a MessageSend Jerry a Message
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