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Patsy Anderson (Moerman)
March 25, 1941 Homemaker Married 2

Hi, Everyone - It can't really be 50 years since we graduated - can it?  A look into a mirror does convice me!  I have such fond memories of SUHS.  Sequoia, without a doubt, still has one of the most beautiful high school campuses anywhere. 

After graduation, I graduated from CSM and worked as a dental assistant before I married Eric Moerman (class of '58).  He was a Navy pilot and we lived in Hawaii for several years (I want to go back!).  We had twin sons just after retuning to the Bay Area.  We soon moved to Southern California where Eric was hired by Continental Airlines.  After living there for 25+ years, we relocated to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, built a home and Eric retired.  We are active in our church and busy with grandchildren and travel.  Although we have had a few bumps in the road, we have had a wonderful life.  Looking forward to seeing y'all soon. 

                     Patsy (Anderson) Moerman

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Robert Murphy
August 23, 1941 Married 2
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Gail Granzow (Murray)
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 20 Married 2
I married my husband Jim in 1964 after graduating from San Jose State and getting my secondary credential.  We will be married 45 years this June!!! We have a son, Mike, who lives in Davis with his family.  He and his wife have a son, 12 years old, and a daughter, 9.  Our daughter Julie lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband and two daughters, 10 and 8.  So we have 4 grandchildren and I'm told that is all we will get!

I taught high school English and journalism in Santa Clara for a couple of years and then taught adult education.  We moved to Walnut Creek in 1970 and are still in the same house.  Proposition 13 made it just too attractive financially to stay here and not move.

I returned to work when the kids were in elementary school by running a non-profit, small bus company in Hayward for seniors, pre-schoolers and developmentally disabled. For 10 years afterwards, I worked at the University of California in Berkeley trying to persuade people to try commute alternatives to driving alone.  I worked briefly at AC Transit in Oakland and am now a transportation consultant.  I work out of my home and get to set my own hours, which is great!

My big mid-life adventure was going to Harvard for a year in 1991-92 and getting my Masters.  I graduated from the Kennedy School of Government with a degree in public administration.  That was the first time in my life I had ever lived alone, as the kids were also in grad school and Jim stayed at home with the cat and paid the bills.

Politics has been a big part of my life as well.  I was elected to the Walnut Creek City Council and served as mayor twice during the 1980s.  I ran for State Assembly in 1996 but lost by a hair.  Now I am in my second term as an elected member of the BART Board of Directors.

I have happy memories of my years at Sequoia and look forward to celebrating that we have all come this far in life and will see each other again after 50 YEARS!  Unilayi, everyone!

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Lorin W Myers
April 07, 1941 Retired/Fire District Chaplain Married 3
Life has been good!  After Sequoia I spent 6 months on active duty with the Marine Corps Reserve, 1 year at Cal Berkeley, 3 years at Warner Pacific College  in Portland, OR. At WPC I met my wife Lois and we will be celebrating our 47th anniversay  in June this year.  We have three children all grown and gone, and 6 wonderful grandchildren.  After serving as a Pastor in the Church of God for 44 years I retired in Sept. 2006, moved to Eagle Point, OR and am now enjoying being a Fire Department chaplain for Jackson County Fire District 3. Send Lorin W a MessageSend Lorin W a Message
Anita Owens
July 11, 1941 customer service for Qwest Long Distance Single
When I graduated I ended up moving to Hollywood. Got tired of the rat race so I moved back to Oregon then to Colorado. Was married for 13 yrs. Got tired of the "%^$", divorced &  am now living with my sister, as the rest of our family are gone. I get tired of the snow sometimes in the winter but the scenery makes up for the cold & snow. The only thing I miss is the ocean. Hope all are doing great. Send Anita a MessageSend Anita a Message
Anita Owens
July 11, 1941 Retired Divorced
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Claudette Coats (Paige)
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March 02, 1942 Retired Married 2
Fifty years married to the same man (George) has been anything but boring.  Along with the conventional family life of 2 kids, a dog & 3 cats, I managed to graduate from San Jose State in 1983 after attending 3 community colleges and SF and SJ States.  I'm nothing if not persistent.  In 1983 went into a franchise business and owned 6 Supercuts salons in MA and NH which we sold after 18 years in 2002.  Now we are filling childhood dreams (Claudette to riding her horse and George to restore classic cars).  We'll see you on Oct. 4 in our 1940 Ford pickup truck. Send Claudette a MessageSend Claudette a Message
David Parker
May 20, 1942 retired Married 3
Let's see -- what have I been doing the last 50 years?  I went to UC Berkeley for a year, then changed majors and went to College of San Mateo (1961-63), then to San Jose State, where I got my BA in 1969.  After that, I spent about 5 months traveling around Europe.
I met Jerry Garcia in 1961 in Palo Alto and we were friends for many years.  In 1964 we started a"jug band",Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, which lasted less than a year.  In 1965, Jerry started the Warlocks, which in 1966 became the Grateful Dead.  Soon after I got back from Europe, Jerry asked me to be the business manager for the Dead (the previous one had ripped them off) and I did that from 1970 to 1977.  I even got my name credited on some album covers in the '70s.  I traveled to 30 states and 16 foreign countries, and had many interesting experiences during those years, to say the least.  I left that job in 1977, feeling quite burned-out from the world of rock 'n' roll.
In 1978, I started working for Commonweal, a nonprofit org. in Bolinas (  I eventually became executive vice-president, and retired in 2005.
I met my wife, Nadine,in 1973 and we got married soon after.  We had 3 kids and 3 grandchildren, and we're still together after 36 years!  We lived in Novato from 1979 until 1998, then moved to Petaluma.  After I retired, we moved to Fort Bragg, but found that to be too far away, so we came back to Petaluma, where we live now.  I went to the 40-year reunion, looked around and said, "Who are all these old people?"  Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the 50-year one, but I hope everybody who was there had a great time!  I'd love to hear from anybody who remembers me from all those years ago (e-mail:
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Carie Povar
October 01, 1940 Divorced
Carie Engel (Povar)
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October 01 Commercial Property Manager Divorced 2
Well, here it goes.  After graduation.  I got married and moved to Los Angeles, CA.  I have a son and daughter.  Divorced in 1970's and decided to sell residential real estate.  I was in it for five years and then went into commercial real estate as a commercial property manager. I have been in that field for over 25 years.  I have 2 grandchildren and I still live in Los Angeles.  Its an exciting place to live although now the traffic does make it difficult to get around.  However if you know all the ins and outs its still bearable. Am I done career wise No!  I am now back in college taking medical billing & coding. This course is for 8 months .  It is challenging. Yes, I remarried and then unmarried.  
I am looking forward to seeing old friends and being at our 50th reunion. 
Thank you Steve and your committee for making this a special reunion.
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