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Lietta Harvey
February 25, 1941 retired actress/director/coach/talent agent Single
Hi everyone,

There I was thinking how young I was feeling, when Leone called and told me this was the year of our 50th reunion........there went my fantasy  real quick ! Ruined my whole day ! (not really.)

I went to LA almost immediately after graduation , so didn't keep in contact with people I would have liked to stay in touch with. Seems like a lame excuse now, doesn't it ? 

Looking forward to seeing  friends at the Gala.

Lietta Harvey
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Roger Haythornewhite
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November 01, 1940 retired Married 2
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Wendy Leong (Hom)
August 19, 1941 retired teacher Widowed 3
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Bill Hoolhorst
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February 26, 1942 Real Estate Broker Married 2
I married Linda Faubion (also class of 59) two years after graduation. In 1970 we built a house in the hills behind Redwood City (by “built” I mean nail-by-nail. Linda and I spent two and a half years as carpenter, electrician and plumber, and upon completion vowed never to take on such a large project again). But, we are still here in the same house where we raised two girls, and are now the proud Grandparents of two grandkids who only live a block away. Much of my early career was in high-tech marketing and management, with a final fling starting a sales and marketing company that represented 3rd party software products that we sold into the North American marketplace. It was great fun, though not very profitable. About 5 years ago I got my Real Estate Brokers License so that I could leverage my marketing skills in the Real Estate business, with the idea of keeping busy in my twilight years…. Great Timing, huh.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in October. By the way, Steve Chell roped Linda and I into doing a nostalgic walking tour of Redwood City on Saturday morning, October 3rd. It is a great idea. I got into it full swing by making a 14 minute movie as a preview to those who are doing the walk, and for those who can’t make the walk but would like to stimulate old memories of walking down Broadway at lunchtime. Check it out at . Hope to see many of you there.
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Linda Faubion (Hoolhorst)
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March 27, 1942 Married 2
I married Bill Hoolhorst (also class of 59) two years after graduation. Bill and I have remained in the area, living in the same house in Emerald Hills now for the last 39 years. Many of you may not recognize Emerald Hills. The hills behind Redwood City (Emerald Lake) became a community designated by the Post Office about 5 or so years ago. Same place different name. I keep very busy with my two grandkids who only live a block away from us, and for more years than I can remember I have been a volunteer at the Stanford Health Library and at FILOLI. I hope all of you are well and look forward to seeing you at the party. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Robert Hosking
December 09, 1940 Retired Married 5
Hi fellow classmates!  It has been so much fun reading about all of you and what you've been up to this past 50 years.

I retired in 1995 after working 38 years in the printing industry as a shop supervisor.  The company I worked for closed it's doors after 90 years in business, so I used that as the opportunity I needed to retire early.  My wife, Betty (class of '60), and I have been married 40 years this past December, second marriage for both of us.  We had six children between us, and unfortunately, we lost one son in a car accident when he was 21.  We have 10 grandchildren, but no great grandkids yet.  Our older grandchildren are continuing their education at the Master's level, so are holding off getting married until later.

We lived in Menlo Park in the same house for 39 years, then moved to Phoenix, AZ to our retirement home.  We love it here, despite the heat.  

Our son, Larry and his wife and 2 daughters moved here 2 years ago, so we are enjoying being a major part of their lives.   The rest of our children live in the Bay area and Reno, Nevada.  

We are enjoying retirement and look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in October. 
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William (Bill) Jennings
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June 02, 1941 Retired Committed Relationship 2
It's impossible to give a synopsis of 50 years of living on a Web Site even as good as this one!  I was one of the "Lost" and am SO grateful to have been found.

I'm looking forward to seeing all who come to the Sunday Main Event. A real trip down memory lane
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Glenn Joesten
October 30, 1941 Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Retired Single
What have I been doing? Those who recall me probably remember I was going into wildlife biology. A lot of influence from Mr. Hatch there.  My first two years I attended Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR.  After a year orr, I transferred into San Jose State, where I received my BA in Conservatjion of Natural Resources.

The war protesters would have you believe that a student deferment was a way out of the draft.  HA!  We were "prime meat".  Got a letter-- "Congratulations on your graduation. Report for induction".  Wasn't too bad. After basic at Fort Polk, I spent the rest of the hitch at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC..  While I was off doing my service, the family moved to Yreka, where my father opened a new title company.  So that's where I wound up.

I worked a temporary fisheries biologist position in Stockton, then took a position as a State Park Ranger at Prairie Creek Redwoods--Smokey Bear hat and all.Unfortunately I was injured getting the park ready for Lady Bird Johnson's visit (Nov. 68) to dedicate the Redwood National Park. 

When I was cleared to go back to work, I found a trainee position with the local Public Health Dept.  With a year's OJT I was able to take the state exam as "Registered Sanitarian".  Hmmm--wasn't that the job the Army Career Counsellor tried to steer me into at Walter Reed?   It would have been a commission--but he didn't know what it was.  So five years later I was one.  My boss at Siskiyou County suggested I find a vacancy in a larger department to gain broader experience, so I wound up in Monterey for 30 years.  I retired as a Senior Environmental Health Specialist in charge of the food safety program. I retired from there the end of 2001.

I had a couple of long-term relationships--the last ended when my girlfriend passed away in 2002. 

I returned to the family "ranch" south of Yreka where I am caregiver for a 91-year-old mother.We have about five acres, the house is surrounded by oak trees, and there's a fantastic view of Mt. Shasta.  We're just across the pasture from I-5.

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paula slager (jorne)
March 11, 1942 psychotherapist Divorced 2
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Jack Kennedy
January 15, 1942 Engineer Married
Ok gang. Here goes. No, I never seriously considered going to a reunion before either. But, a lot of time has passed. And when I got the call about this one, I was curious to look at the web site. And, when I did, what hit me like a ton of bricks was the memoriam list. I couldn't believe some of those names I saw. How could so many of those bright, energetic people be gone? I was struck by the name of Tony Devine. I'm sure he didn't have a clue who I was. But, I surely do remember how the powerful, young diver with so much poise and grace would execute his moves from the diving board. How could he possibly be gone? What a cold dose of our mortality to see his and other names on the list. Then, I had to dig out my year book and take a look at all the faces I had forgotten. How amazed I was to be reminded of all the bright, talented people we had among our midst. It makes me wonder why many of them didn't gain national recognition over the years. It really was a very special group of people we had the privilege to go to school with.
So, I'm actually considering coming. Maybe somebody will remember me. But even if they don't I'll enjoy seeing the ones I definitely remember. So, my wife said that maybe some of you will be curious about me too. So, here's a little picture of my story. Some of you might remember my mother, Evelyn Kennedy, more than me. She was the office manager at the JC Penney store on Broadway for many years, and stayed in Redwood City for most of her life, until her last few years when I brought her here to Tucson to care for her. Unfortunately, she's been gone for several years now too. But, I get back to the bay area to see her sisters Vila and Elsie (also Sequoia graduates) as often as I can. Actually, Elsie is in the process of moving down here to Phoenix, following her children, who moved there not too long ago. And, as opposed what one of our classmates said, I'm not here in spite of the heat, I'm here because I love the heat.
So, what have I been doing? I graduated from San Jose State, like a lot of you, it seems. Then, I moved on to graduate school at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana for a couple of years, where I got my MS in Physics. Then I came back west, and continued studies at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, finishing my PhD in Physics in 1973. I really fell in love with this place. At first, the heat was really a shock. But, as I got acclimated, and made some good, now life-long friends, the heat just became one of the interesting and even enjoyable attributes of life here. I met my Argentine wife, Miriam, now of 37 years, here. And, yes, we've been back here in Tucson for several years after leaving to travel the country, and work different places. And, every time we came back through here to visit, we realized that this was the place we wanted to come back to retire. But, no, we're not retired yet.
My wife graduated from the U of A also, and went on to teach in a high school on the indian reservation in northern Arizona. When I graduated, I picked her up and we moved back east, to Maryland, where I got a job teaching Physics at a small liberal arts college (Salisbury State). She got a job continuing her teaching in a high school there, and we stayed for seven years. I really loved teaching, and have missed it very much, but in 1980, we decided it was time to come back west. I got a job at General Dynamics in San Diego. I had often wondered if I could survive in a real job, so this was my time to find out. I stayed there for five years, but then moved to other companies, also in the aerospace business. After a couple of layoffs, I ended up back at GD, where I have now remained since 1990, although the company was shortly thereafter purchased by Hughes Aircraft, and then by Raytheon later. Under Hughes, they moved me to their "Missile Systems" site here in Tucson in 1994. That was just a very unexpected and welcome gift for us. We got paid to move to our chosen retirement location. In San Diego, I suddenly became the guy responsible for trying to convince everybody in our group that Tucson was really a wonderful place. It was really a hard sell. And after we came here, a lot of people bailed out, and went elsewhere after the first year, but a lot of people stuck also, and many are still here.
So, now we've been back in Tucson for 15 years. We just finished building our dream house, joined the country club, and I'm hoping to start playing golf again pretty soon. I got fairly decent, with a single-digit handicap, during the summers off, while teaching at the college in Maryland, but I've reverted to being a total hacker now. We also took up Argentine tango a few years ago, and have become fairly skilled at the dancing. Music has been one of my main loves in life, and this very special dance has given me a very unique way of expressing my musicality. Next, I am planning to take up piano lessons, but probably not until after retirement. There's just so little time. We're still working, now to pay for this very expensive house. Miriam had quit teaching in San Diego, went to law school, and earned her degree, and has now been practicing for about 25 years. She has her own practice here, doing elder law. My specialty at Raytheon is electromagnetics. I do a lot of computer simulations, and also am running a materials measurements laboratory. We had hoped to retire before now, but with all the expenses with the house build, and this crummy economy, we're having to work a little longer.
I guess that's pretty much it. So, if I can screw up my courage, I might show up at the reunion. There are quite a few people I wouldn't mind seeing again. But I don't know if any of them will be there. In the mean time, I enjoyed reading the contributions from our classmates to the web site. I hope some of you might have been glad to hear what's happened to me. And, I would really enjoy hearing from any of you who might want to drop me an email. Please do so.
By the way, I'm making my small contribution to the committee. What a wonderful job they've done. My greetings to Steve, our class president. I do remember him, and congratulate him and the others for all the work they've done on this effort.
- Jack
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