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Sam Flora
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May 02, 1941 municipal planner, retired Married 3
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Alan Fowler
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June 21, 1941 Writer, Farmer, Search & Rescue, Irrigation Company Widowed 4

After Sequoia, traveled, worked, studied for multiple degrees but was drafted and sent to Viet Nam. After Nam finished Physics, Astronomy and Business degrees and taught University of California physics courses. Followed this with an NIH funded program in medical research and built computerized analyzer for zero-G environments. Did several start-ups involved with first micro-processor controlled clinical analyzer, hematology instruments and environmental monitoring equipment. Developed instruments for medical analysis in third world countries and environmental analysis worldwide (some instruments on the Calypso, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Scripts and Woods Hole). The best part of this was traveling to dozens of countries giving seminars and making new friends whom I still visit or entertain in the U.S. These start-ups were sold to Millipore, Unilever and Abbott Diagnostics. I then developed and sold an instrument used to test for aflatoxin and listeria contamination in foods.

In the midst of all of this I had two children and tw0 adopted childre and now have four grandchildren and four “adopted” grandchildren for whom I am their “Papa Alan”. Although I tried to retire in the early 90’s, I still get pulled into projects and just finished selling a patent from an internet company I started.
 I just bought 8 acres in the Grass Valley area to put in an orchard (80 trees so far) and to build a home plus some land for my children and grandchildren. It has piped Sierra water with up to 64,000 gallons a day. I am currently writing a book and trying to keep fit with backpacking, scuba and mountain biking including the Markleeville Death Ride (50,000 miles and 2,200,000 feet of climbing since 2000) in the hopes of being able to play with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? in the years to come. I am the Vice President of our local water company, supplying 80,000,000 gallons of water a year for irrigation and fire suppresion ( I am a member of the Nevada County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team ( It is great seeing so many of you enjoying life. Keep it up.



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John Fried
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April 20, 1941 Retired and loving it Married 1

Hi classmates! We've lived in and around North Carolina since Susan and I married in 1967. In my working life, I was a design engineer then started my own business in 1985 developing custom software. Since retiring in 2007, we've been traveling this beautiful country in our RV and basically enjoying life as best as we can. Have a look at our blog (listed above as our website) for details and pictures. We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

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colleen garcelon
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December 16, 1941 Retired Divorced
It has been so much fun reading about you all and helping in a very small way to prepare for this coming reunion. The committee has done a fabulous job of putting this event together and I've really enjoyed the memorabilia section and various emails contributed over the last six
months or so.
After graduation, I went on to San Jose State University, then on to work for Western Airlines for many wonderful, travel-filled years. I think I have Doug Fell to thank for this job as I worked for his father, Ernie Fell, Station Manager of Western at that time.

I was married for almost 12 years then divorced, no children.  I guess the longest 'career' I have had was as a real estate broker . . . 31 years. and I'm just recently semi-retired . .. which is to say that I still represent a few past clients whenever it works for both us, but I'm no longer knocking myself out. Given the current market climate, that's not much work at all right now!  What a relief - - I love retirement!  Early on, I made a list of books that I'd always wanted to read and I'm working my way through them, enjoying very minute.
I still live in my Emerald Hills cottage-home. It continues to hold the same magical quality it had for me when I first saw it and 'had to have it' in 1965 . . . and I consider it the best investment of my life (duh!).  Simple living these days. I share my home with Hunter, my 12 year old Portuguese water dog, and Gigi, my young, double-yellow-headed Amazon Parrot, truly the diva of the neighborhood, which we three walk through every day. She sings opera very believably and just has to watch Big Bird on PBS every day or she throw a fit!  Both pets keep me laughing every single day - what a joy they are to me!

My current passion is my organic garden that I created this year. I sure hope that it amortizes out over the years. . . these gardens aren't simple or cheap as I've learned: the start-up costs were substantial. The prices at farmers' markets look cheap by comparison, but my produce is DELICIOUS!! Maybe I'll put a little stand out in front of my house - - "Tomatoes, $13.00 a pound"  ha ha.  I'm also big into vermiculture and composting . . . good stuff!

I volunteer my time by caring for (i.e. cuddling) preemies in the neonatal unit at the Stanford Hospital. I also am back to work as a Hypno-Anesthesiologist for which i was trained and received my California certification in the late 80's. I work mostly with women who are having pain/trouble dealing with their chemotherapy. Both this and the volunteer work is very rewarding.

I'm currently taking Bridge lessons with a friend in order to keep my brain working :) and it is one of the most mentally challenging things I'm up to these days (the Bridge, not my friend . .. he's nice).

I've been blessesd with good health and good, long-time friends for which I am truly grateful. I get together every other Sunday with some Sequoia'59 and '60 friends who still live here in the neighborhood; we watch home movies on Rich Trammel's big screen and we do gourmet pot-luck dinners. There's Bill & Linda Hoolhorst (Fabbio), Tom Monize and his wife Joleen, Rich & Paula Camerra (sp?), Chips Conlin & Paula, and Bill Loftus' widcow, Pat Loftus, to name a few of the regulars. We're going to take some pictures and send them in.

I look forward to seeing all of you in October.
Thanks to all of you who have contacted me already . . it's been a delight to reconnect after all of these years.
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Linda Smith (Gilmore)
August 16, 1940 O R Scheduler/Hospital Single 1
Just retired in January and love it. I'm in Trilogy a Senior community that has everyting that you would like to do, along with a great group of people. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Adolph (Al) Giovannoni
Retired Married 3
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Karen Johnson (Gleason)
February 27, 1942 retired clinical laboratory scientist Married 3
Dear classmates, I'm really hoping to attend the reunion and reconnecting. I may, however, be torn because our daughter Bonnie's 20th reunion is the SAME weekend. She'll undoubtedly be coming home and asking us to babysit our precious grandchildren.That will be hard to turn down because we don't see them often enough. After high school I went to Cal Berkeley and then married Gil Gleason, a professional violinist who played in the Oakland Symphony for 35 years. We'll be celebrating our 43rd anniversary.I've enjoyed a long career in the clinical lab as a technologist and retired in 2005.  Now my husband and I run a non-profit (as volunteers) called Friends of Ruwenzori that raises funds for a particular community in Uganda, East Africa. They are fighting AIDS and poverty in a big way. I fell in love with Africa on our first trip in 2001 and have been heavily involved ever since. In addition to our three grown children and 3 grandchildren. We also have a number of African children (and a grandchild named Karen!)It has been extremely rewarding for us to be involved in this way, something I could never have imagined back in high school. Thanks to the reunion committee for making all our trips down memory lane possible and for all the work you are doing to bring people together again. Karen Johnson Gleason Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Jeannie Hopkins, Mary Jean (Grinsell)
January 16, 1942 retired teacher/real estate Widowed 3
Hi stangers,  I have not seen or heard from any of you since the 25th--it's all my fault.  The first 12 years after graduation I was out of Calif and lost contact with you.  I went to San Jose State and met my husband from U of Santa Clara when he was a senior and I was a sophomore.  After my graduation in 63 we married and I taught school while he went to med school in Wisconsin.  Three children later and time in the military and more time in schooling (spent 2 years in Japan and residency in Wisconsin) we finely settled back in N. Calif..I had 43 wonderful years with Joe, my husband, until I lost him to brain bleeds in July of 2006. 
  I have had all my dreams come true, from having a loving husband,  to having 3 children, the chance to world travel, and  now grandchildren.  I spend time with my head injured daughter Molly (hit and run) in 2000, traveling, quilting, forever taking bridge lessons, and of course enjoying the 3 wonderful grandchildren from my oldest daughter, Colleen and husband Kevin, in the Walnut Creek area.  I'm happy too, that my son Patrick and wife Tanya live close also.  I vacation rent our home in Tahoe and do enjoy squirting up between renters.
  I hope to see many of you at the reunion.  Jeannie Hopkins Grinsell.
  I was shocked to see so many of our classmates gone ---way to young!
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joan bissell (groat)
May 28, 1941 retired Single
I've been happily retired for 8 years and am an avid traveler, spending many weeks throughout the year exploring new places. When not on the road, I find much to keep me busy and out of trouble right here at home. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and familiar Sequoia faces this fall! Send joan a MessageSend joan a Message
Roger Hanlon
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Widowed 1
Graduated from College of San Mateo
Did poorly at San Francisco State
Entered the Armyi in 1964
Retired from the Army as CW2 1985
Remarried in 1988
Worked in Sunnyvale for Westinghouse and Northrup Grumman for 17 years
Moved to Sonora in 2002
Sold Real Estate, Retired from that
Docent for Columbia State Park
Love to Play Duplicate Bridge
1 Daughter and two beautiful grand daughters
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