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Ken DeBow
March 11, 1941 Retired Professor Married 2
Happily retired after a career with the California State Legislature then as a Poli Sci professor at Sacsramento State. Now living in and much enjoying  Boulder CO.

Married 30 years (second marriage) with two stepchildren and four grandkids. Retirement days chuck full with Democratic politics, hiking, canoeing  snow-shoeing and cooking.  Despite leaving California still rabid Cal Bears and SF Giants fan.

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Ron Del Tredici
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Profile picture
August 03, 1941 Married 2
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Ronald Del Tredici
August 03, 1941 Retired Married 2
Hi Group,

I am adding this as I cannot get back in to where the photos are.   I will not be able to attend the reunion as the cost factor is not in my favor.  I hope everyone has a wonderful time.  It was nice to see how many people did well, and sad to see those who have passed.  I taught 7th grade for 32 years after a spell in the Navy and I loved the job.  Since I retired, I am working at Home Depot to keep me busy.  I have a lot of good memories of Sequoia, even though I understand the eucalyptus trees are gone.  Again, enjoy the reunion.

David Distad
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December 07, 1941 Portfolio Manager Married 3

Sorry about not being able to attend; depsite my repeated pleas this reunion not be in conflict with the Cal-USC game the committee went ahead. 

Most of you may not care about that game, but I have been teaching at Cal full time or part time since 1981.  The experience enriched me personally and professionally.  So my kids, wife and other couples are going to the Cal-USC game (the Real Big Game--I hope).

After an MBA  I began a career in portfolio  management and financial consulting which I did with UC, concurrently (liked the combo) until I went on leave last year.  I am now full time in SoCal managing the investments of a philanthropist.

My daughter, the czarina of cool (everybody seems to have a czar this year), informed me to keep this brief.

Many highliights since 1959, and some very painful experiences; the highlights include marrying Cyndy (the general) 32 years ago, getting a Ph.D in finance, and 3 great kids.  I will not elaborate on the lowlights.

I also got to play semi-pro baseball and then senior league semi-pro baseball until 4 years ago when I tore a hamstring and shattered an ankle.  The doctor said no running; I really miss baseball, especially the post season tournaments in AZ and FL.

Best wishes to all and I hope to see you at the 60th reunion.

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John Dodge
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December 03, 1941 Consultant Married 3
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion; only managed to stay in touch with a few after graduation..
I left RC after graduation - U of Washington, grad school, and Army. Relocated to Marin County in mid 70's during career with IBM, Hitachi and Charles Schwab.
Have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Remarried in 1990 to Anita Dillon. Retired in 2004, but started consulting (IT auditing) a year later. That keeps me out of trouble and helps pay for my favorite pastime of sailing and racing on the bay. See you in October.
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Virginia Dodson

Virginia lives in Santa Clara. She has no computer access, but asked the committee to post the following:
"Hello to the Class.  I hope everyone is feeling well.  I am not able to attend the reunion because I have MS and am now blind.  However, I remember the class, especially Lillie Cross, and appreciate being invited.  Virginia Dodson

Jeanne Bergquam (Doerr)
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March 11, 1941 retired /tax collector/emploment counselor Widowed 3
I'm so looking forward to the Big  Event & seeing you all.  I'm sure it will be fun trying to figure out who the heck you are! I'm sure you have all changed somewhat; don't ya think?  Discovered a classmate here n Maui! What a surprise to meet again after 53 years.  Didn't graduate with you guys but had a great 2 years at Sequoia. Looking forward in making the trip to the mainland.
Jeanne Bergquam Doerr
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June 05, 1940 COMM.SERVICE OFFICER II Divorced 3
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Andrea Withrow (Elin)
April 13, 1941 Mental Health therapist Married 3
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larry ewing
Profile picture
Profile picture
August 18, 1941 Graphic Artist (retired) Married 3
I came to Sequoia in 1957 from San Bruno where I had 11 years of schooling and was attending Capuchino.

I spent 40 plus years at Lockheed in the graphics field and retired in late 2002.

Hobbies include cars as I have three 1950 Oldsmobiles, one of which I bought in my senior year at Sequoia. Family is important and have found lost family in my genealogy searches as well as attending a large Ewing reunion in VA.

I never moved too far away and now live in San Jose with my lovely wife Linda.

We have 11 grandchildren between us as we both had 3 children from former marriages

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