... after all these years!

For the most part, we have neither a postal nor email address for the classmates listed in this section.  Nor have we heard from them in a long, long time (if ever).  If you know the whereabouts of anyone on this list, please let Reunion Committee Member Barbara Grace Lindeman know.  Simply click on Barbara's name and send her the information.  Thank you.

We understand and are sensitive to the fact that some people do not wish to be found ... or have absolutely no interest in high school or reunions.  We simply want to make them aware of our plans for the 50th reunion.  

Here is our "Still Missing" list:


Donald H. Bullard
Leroy M. Cluff
Carl D. (Dave) Dillon
Alan Hayes
Robert Lee
Ken Martin
John C. Miller
Robert Scheu
Steve Shaw
Richard C. Stanley
David Williamson


(Married name, if known, in parentheses)

Corrine Basques
Lucille Bradfield
Marie-Jose Igon
Marian Jacobson
Barbara Jones
Christine Lambert
Marcia Leonard Myers
Denise Marsolais
Barbara Pellegrini
Sharon Perkins
Patricia Robertson
Joan Stafford
Patricia Wilkerson

If you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates, please make them aware of this website, put them in touch with Barbara Grace Lindeman, or get the contact information to a committee member for follow-up.  Thanks!