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There are many sites on the web that bring back memories.  Here are a few that we have found, and others that you have sent to us.  If you have another one, please send it to Steve Chell.  Just click on Steve's name and send it on its way!

Or perhaps you have a personal or business website that would be appropriate for the Classmates page.  There is a place that asks you to input your website address as part of the registration process. Please do so ... then send the link to
Steve for inclusion below.

Meanwhile, enjoy:

About Sequoia

This just in about the "Atomic Loop" at Sequoia:
From Dave Distad (about the Sequoia-Paly football game tradition): "Sequoia-Palo Alto: when the Little Big Game was the biggest in town." Article was in the San Francisco Chronicle:  

From Liz (Betty) Heidel Butcher (about the Sequoia campus):

Sequoia's 2009 cheer team recently won first place in the JamFest competition.  Thanks to Irene Miles for sending us the YouTube link:

Here's a Facebook page for the Sequoia Alumni Association; there
were 442 users when we checked:

About Redwood City

The Sequoia/Fox Theatre:

Believe it or not: The Redwood Theatre:

More Photos of RC:

Music We Loved


The Platters:

Old TV Show themes:

Remember when ...

Several of you sent us emails of the poem "The Land That Made Me, Me."  We couldn't find a link to the poem, but YouTube has  this version for you to enjoy:

Thanks you Bob Arends for the following fun link:

...and on we go:


1950s F.W. Woolworth's fountain menu:

If you were raised on radio, as I was, you will love this site.  Not only can you 
purchase hundreds -- no thousands -- of programs from the 20s through the 50s,
you can play episodes of all your favoirites.  Check it out:

Doo Wop Oldies Quiz (from Shirley Meredith Souza, Colleen Garcelon & Leroy Milam:

From Jerry Schutz & others:

Our Classmates

Ann Morrison Adams:

Steve Chell: -t/stevechell/index.html

Something Special:

(From Yoshi Minegishi, who says,"Maybe this is one of the core reasons that Sequoia athletic teams were highly successful!)

Lt. Brian Brennan was severely wounded in Iraq and faced unbeatable odds
but, as David Martin reports, he made a remarkable recovery with a little help from a special Cherokee word.