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Hi Steve
Its been memory stimulating to read all the e-mails from you and other Sequoia grads. Your e-mails do get received here into the State of Jefferson. Thanks for all the time and effort you and the committee have donated to making the 50th reunion possible.

Thanks to John Tognoli sending our Hoover 1st grade picture in, I was reminded how many of us did 12 years and graduated. I didn't remember that you and I were in the same class at Central and Hoover 1st grade. Unlike you going to many schools in RC, I spent 8 years at Hoover and even had the same teacher for 2 grades and was in the same classroom for 2 grades.

The main events I remember from Hoover were: Having a switch blade knife pulled on me during a fight. This was probably the same guy that pointed a gun at Dave Distad at Sequoia. My second was having coach and PE teacher Mr. Hefner suggesting and advising that I stay back at Hoover and repeat 8th grade because I was so young.

Later at Sequoia, Bonnie Dean Herron and I discussed us meeting along with our mothers for the 1st time at Mills Hospital birth center. We're the fourth and fifth youngest 1959 graduates, but I don't remember which of us is older. We were born way after Pearl Harbor!

My fond memories of Sequoia have always been overshadowed by starting my Junior year and then contacting meningitis and being paralyzed and seeing double. After a month in quarantined hospital room I came home for physical therapy and homework. I spent the 2nd semester doing both semesters work so I could graduate in 59.

When my 2 sons were seniors and driving I worried because of the memory of our 5 classmates in a deadly car accident on May 23, 1960. We lost Jim Butler, Clyde Burch, and Winston Stephens. Phil Darrough and Jack Hernandez were severly injured and were never the same. I now see both of their names in our memorial list.

Please keep all the happy communications coming.


John Lovell
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Hi John, remember me? Colleen Garcelon. I thoroughly enjoyed your 'memories' - - it brought many back to me, too. Hope to see you in October? It should be fun.
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Hello John Lovell,

You will know me as “Bob” Lopez but I go by Ruben which was a childhood nickname. I live in Calistoga which is in the Napa Valley with my wife Dariann. I hadn’t been in contact with any of our classmates except for Dave Chapman who I ran into a few years ago and is my neighbor so I wasn’t planning to go to the reunion. I too was stimulated when I saw the picture of our Central School K class of 1947 and realized that those of us in the picture have known each other for the last 62 years and that I would like to come and say hi to as many as I could. I’m sorry that I missed seeing you there but I did play golf on Friday with Jack Leslie, Everet Pedigrew, and Bill Hoolhurst. We didn’t win but we had a really good time. Go class of 47’.
I went to Monroe then Taft before coming to Hoover but it seems like you & I were in many classes together ? In any case I am glad to know that you are alive and living well in Virginia.
Jack Hernandez was a close family friend during our time at Hoover and Sequoia and you will see how our lives were intertwined if you read my profile. I was also good friends with Clyde Burch(worked evenings at the 76 gas station at Edgewood), Jimmy Butler (lived in Redwood Village), Winston Stevens(32’ Ford Roadster Builder), and Phil Darough, my neighbor. Clyde and I had been on a motor trip to Sonoma in his Plymouth not long before the accident. On Monday, May 23?, 1960, the evening of the accident Jack Howell & I were on our way home from the days adventure in his father’s car when we decided to stop in at Mel’s Bowl to have a drink and check on the action. It was there that we found Jack Hernandez, Jimmy, & Winston all excited about a going to a party they had heard about in the Woodside hills later that night. They were all going to be riding in Clyde’s 1955 black & white Plymouth but invited us to the party & follow in our car. Jack Howell needed to get the car back & declined so they invited me to come & ride with them. I can remember “the urging” to go to the party but also being tired and not wanting the complications of getting a ride home from the other side of town so but I also declined.
The next day I got the call and saw the picture of Clyde’s car that night in the Tribune. Not only was I devastated by their loss but also felt the cold sweat of knowing that I too came within a breath my life ending from being in that car with them. I have reflected over the years on that night and wondered what made me choose to go home to bed instead of going to that party. I guess it wasn’t mine, or Jack’s turn just then, or I wouldn’t be writing you now. I have many happy memories of our lost friends and I am glad to be able to share this with you.

All the best to you,

Ruben Lopez