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Profile picture Bonita Hofeling Ades
Drive in
I don't believe I've seen anyone talking about the Sugar & Spice drive-in & the cruising the S shape.
Pat DeGiovanni had a reallt cool 57 Chevi & I got to ride along in it! Sugar & Spice had really good hamburgers.
I also remember the rodoe & 4th of July events.
Bonita Hofeling Ades
Profile picture Steve Chell Re: Drive in
Hi Bonita! Great to hear from you! I certainly remember cruising S&S with Bill Lightfoot & Mike Newman, but I don't think I ever tried any of their food! Did we stop? Don't remember. The 4th was great...I remember the carnival, but I'm not sure I ever went to see the rodeo itself. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Steve Chell (Vintage2B)
Profile picture Bob Graham Re: Drive in
Hi All, what was the name of the drive-in where Gemco went in later??
Profile picture colleen garcelon Re: Drive in
Hi Bonita! Yes, I remember riding with you and Pat DeGee in her neat car.Sugar & Spice was THE place to go.Remember the cherry cokes and the little cream cups that we ordered to pour into our cokes? They finally had to cut out giving us cream; i'm sure we were breaking the bank with THAT fad.I'm so looking forward to seeing you,Pat DeGee,Norma Husky,Sandy White,Bev Welch,Joannie Elwood , on and on and on . . . so many not mentioned here but not forgotten!
See you in October!
Profile picture Bob Graham Re: Drive in
Where was Sugar & Spice?? Darned if I remember it. Do you remember kibbys...... beegie