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Drive in
I don't believe I've seen anyone talking about the Sugar & Spice drive-in & the cruising the S shape.
Pat DeGiovanni had a reallt cool 57 Chevi & I got to ride along in it! Sugar & Spice had...
Last Post: Sep 9th 2010
Author: Bonitaflys
# of posts: 5
Hi Steve
Its been memory stimulating to read all the e-mails from you and other Sequoia grads. Your e-mails do get received here into the State of Jefferson. Thanks for all the time and...
Last Post: Oct 13th 2009
Author: jlovell
# of posts: 3
More drive ins
Does anyone remember the name of the great drive in where Gemco went in later?? Great fries as I recall!
Last Post: Oct 6th 2009
Author: beegie
# of posts: 9
Solheim and the Ping putter
I remember in Mr Paine's Physics class in 1959 a guy named John Solheim brought an experimental golf club that his father was designing in his garage in Redwood City, to class to demonstrate kinetic...
Last Post: Sep 12th 2009
Author: chitownclark
# of posts: 5
Saturday Walk with Hoolhorsts
I just viewed Bill Hoolhorst's video preview of the walk in downtown Redwood City (mentioned in Steve Chell's August email) and I recommend it to everyone. Good job! I remember working at Ben...
Last Post: Aug 16th 2009
Author: murrayconsult
# of posts: 1