February 11, 2020
1 Year, 2 months and 3 days since
our Reunion.
 Sequoia '59 ...

October 13 Reunion Luncheon Canceled

Dear Classmates ...

Your committee has canceled the reunion scheduled for October 13.  No plans have been made for a reunion until the Covid virus makes it possible.

Some other sad news ... four classmates have passed since our last get-together:  Don Wyman, Ed Hausafus, Karen Heidhoff Milliken, and Donna Newquist Hauck. *

We will get back to you with any future reunion plans. Until then, stay well!

Rita Veit Brown (sonomabrowns@att.net)
Steve Chell (SeaChells@mcn.org)
Wendy Leong Hom (wenwenhom@gmail.com)
Bill Hoolhorst (bill@batnet.com)
Barbara Grace Lindeman (barbarajlindeman@gmail.com)
Gail Granzow Murray (MurrayConsult@aol.com)
Kathy Bartole Shaw (

* Two other classmmates have passed since this was posted:
Dennis Puppo and Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stimplston Kellogg.

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