October 8, 2019
2 months and 7 days since
our Reunion.
Check our 59th Reunion Photos page!

Sequoia '59 ...
Time for our 60th Reunion, Part II

Dear Classmates ...

After breaking the mold by having a 59th Reunion instead of waiting for our 60th reunion, the committee continues to confound the masses by scheduling a SECOND 60th reunion!

Here are the details:

DATE: Tuesday, October 8, 2019 (Mark your              calendar now!
TIME:   11:00 am -- 2 pm (or longer)
PLACE:  Harry's Hofbrau, 1909 El Camino                    Real, Redwood City

COST:   No Host

If we have 25 attendees, we can have a designated room.  

Our 60th Reunion, Part I, was held February 12 at Harry's and was attended by 20 classmates, plus some spouses and friends, many of who stayed till nearly 4 p.m.  Lots to talk about.  Here's a list of attendees:
Larry Ewing, Sam Cano, Gail (Granzow) Murray, Charles Cave, Leroy Milam, Jerry Schutz, John Dodge, Wendy (Leong) Hom,  Jack & Arlene (Eltringham) Leslie, Judy (Kunkle) DeForest, Jessica (Kopfer) Wolfe & Lowell Wolfe, Mardi (Mohr) McKeever, Karen (Wollaston) Botkin & Bill Botkin, Don & Kay (Copen) Wyman, Pat (Gadow) Graham, Bob Graham, Bernadette (Etiopi) Silveira, and Kathy (Bartole) Shaw.

... and we received many email regrets with commitments to come to the next one!

Looking ahead, the 61st reunion already has been scheduled: February 11, 2020, same time and place.

If you are new to our website or have not visited in awhile, you might enjoy reading the Memories emails from classmates sent prior to our 50th reunion in 2009 (How time flies!!!) 

Also, we have maintained the In Memoriam list, which includes the names of several classmates who have passed since our 55th reunion.

After I finished editing this page, I started to go through the other links on the left side of this page.  An hour later, I realized that you will enjoy something on each of these pages that will bring you back to your days at Sequoia.  Enjoy ...

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Stay well!

Your Reunion Committee,

Rita Veit Brown (sonomabrowns@att.net)
Steve Chell (SeaChells@mcn.org)
Wendy Leong Hom (wenwenhom@gmail.com)
Bill Hoolhorst (bill@batnet.com)
Barbara Grace Lindeman (lindemanbj0924@att.net)
Gail Granzow Murray (MurrayConsult@aol.com)
Kathy Bartole Shaw (

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