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59th reunion website
for the Sequoia Class of 1959

Dear Classmates ...

We're breaking the mold this time!  Instead of waiting for our 60th reunion, the committee found it fitting to plan a 59th reunion for our Class of '59.

Details are below.

Until then, you might really enjoy looking at the Memories Emails from classmates sent prior to our 50th Reunion in 2009.  Lots of Redwood City growing-up memories shared and really fun to read.

Save the date!

DATE:  October 6, 2018
TIME:   5-10 pm
PLACE:  Redwood City Women's Club across
            from Sequoia
EVENT SCHEDULE:  Details later, but this is
                             what we had for the 55th:
     5-6 pm     Happy Hour
     6-8 pm     Buffet Dinner
     8-10 pm   Conversation, dancing, etc.

COST:   Still workin' on it.

We will attempt to keep this website current, beginning over the next few weeks by updating the 'In Memoriam" page.  We have lost several classmates since the 55th, and we know you would like to have that information. 

On a happier note, Steve Hull has assured us that he is, indeed, still with us ... and we have removed his name from that list. He also plans to be at our 59th reunion. Good news, indeed! 

We will, for the time being, keep in place some of the pages we built for the 50th in case you might enjoy a look back.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any one of us.
Stay well,

Steve Chell
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